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August 21, 2013
by cppsisabelle

Endangered Animals: By Belle S11 – Feedback Please

Hi! This is Belle and this is my literacy work and explanation draft, Hope you guys can help me make it better by writing comments!

-Endangered Animals-

Endangered Animals are animals that have fewer species than the rest and have become endangered due to loss of habitat, limited amount of food and predators. Many different types of animals are starting to become endangered in their own habitat and for many reasons.

How do Endangered Animals Survive?

Every animal has their own way to survive. Such as the giraffe that has survived and adapted to stretching its neck to eat their food (leaves) compared to the warthog that has survived and adapted by kneeling to eat their food (grass). Animals such as rats, mice and racoons are generalists; generalists eat all types of food, and can find it pretty much everywhere, compared to the specialists which are the exact opposite. Specialist animals like koalas can only be found in Australia and eats only leaves from certain eucalyptus tree, therefore it can’t survive without this particular food. Insects are also starting to become endangered due to their hosts dying, e.g. – Human head lice are tiny bloodsuckers that live under your hair in the head. They can’t survive long from humans even feeding on other hairy animals; they still must drink human blood to live.

How does the climate affect the endangered animals?

Natural climate changes have caused much past extinction, but now humans are changing the climate too. With this animals in the wildlife can’t handle with fast changes in the climate with their habitat. Humans are making the Earth’s atmosphere warmer by releasing carbon dioxide and other gas pollution in the air. If it increases by 3.5 degrees it could cause a massive extinction that would kill 70% of all species including humans. The polar bear is for hunting on the frozen Arctic Ocean, polar bears have hairs that keep them warm and dry, and it even has hairs on its feet. Polar Bears hunt for Seals and Seabirds at the edge of the ice. However with the Global Warming making the ice melt faster, it forces the polar bear to hunt on land. The polar bear is now endangered and if the Arctic melts fully it could become extinct.

How do you help repopulate an endangered animal?

One way to repopulate the animals is to breed them in captivity. You have to breed them in captivity because most of the habitats they used to live in are now damaged and destroyed. Some species don’t always stay behind fences; some are introduced back into the wild. Once an area is protected the animals are released back into their natural habitat. Although most zoo animals are not used to the wild defending themselves, so the humans train them to. Another way is to keep them isolated from any predators. If you keep the animal’s habitat safe it’ll mean the animals are safe and can reproduce, it also means that their species can continue living.

Why do animals become endangered?

Some animals also become endangered due to all the pollution. Pollution is anything that is mixed or added to their habitat that is poisonous or hurtful to the wildlife. Basically everywhere is filled with pollution, pollution spreads through air, water and soil and nothing is free from it. Littering is also a threat since animals see them as food and eat them making them sick or die, and if it floats around long enough it releases a poison into the water. Another way animals are starting to become endangered is that humans are making them slaves, trophies or a type decoration. All endangered animals that live underwater cannot live without their water (as in salt or fresh). The water they need and live in is from melting mountain snow, ice and rainfall. The most endangered animals are sharks, we try to kill them due to our fear, but forget they are endangered.

Many different types of animals are starting to become endangered. They are becoming endangered due to loss of habitat, limited amount of food and being hunted by their predators. By capturing them and breeding them you can repopulate their species this is called Captive Breeding.

August 21, 2013
by cppsgeorgiae

Explanation Draft

Hi this is Georgia and our class has been working on explanations. I would really like it if you would read my explanation draft and write some feedback in the comment section.


Endangered animals

Endangered animals are being killed for silly things that no one needs and because of this, a lot of the most beautiful animals are becoming extinct.

why are pandas endangered?

Today there are only about 1600 pandas left in the world because people keep cutting down their homes so they have nowhere to live and protect their babies. Pandas need to have bamboo constantly to survive,  so if we keep destroying their homes there will be no more pandas in the world because they will starve with no food. Zoos in china are capturing injured pandas, helping them to get better and then breeding them so there are more and more pandas. After the pandas have done all that they need to do is get them out of the zoo and set them free in a place that is a protected area so their young can grow up with enough food to stay alive and healthy.

Why is there so much illegal animal trade?

The main reason for animal trade is for the skin and bones to make furniture, clothes, shoes and most of all rugs. The most animals that are being killed for their skin and bones are tigers, elephants, leopards, snakes, crocodiles, rhinos and lions. There are people trying to stop animal trade by watching carefully and making sure there are no international trade with endangered animal or any other animals. This cite started in about 1975. Since then cites have managed to save many different endangered animals like rhinos and tigers from becoming extinct.

Why are apes being killed?

Every year baby apes are being caught for the pet trade. Adult apes are very protective of their children and never leave them unguarded, so poaches often kill the mother to capture the baby. Baby apes are sold to collectors and zoos.  The captured baby sometime doesn’t survive because sometimes poachers accidently  kill the babies along with its mother.  The baby can get frightened for a long time and sometimes get so frightened that they can die. And if you ever care for an ape make sure if you get sick try and stay away because apes can catch sicknesses very easily.   

How we can save turtles

The way we can save turtles is by donating to charities like the turtle hospital and when you buy seafood ask what it is and where it came from because sometimes is can be turtle and they say it’s just a type of fish. Also you can help by not littering and if you do see any rubbish pick it up and put it in the bin or it will get into the ocean and not only kill turtles but many other different types of water animals.  Turtles are being hunted for their shell and we need to stop them or else there will be no more turtles.


Animals are wonderful creatures and if we keep killing them or cutting their homes down we will have no animals to admire.


August 21, 2013
by cppscourtney

Explanation Draft

Courtney here , in class we have been working on writing explantations. Heres a draft that i wrote on endangered animals. Please leave feedback in the comment box below!

endangered animals

Endangered animals are animals that are close to becoming extinct and there are many actions that us humans do to cause that. Therefore we need to help these animals, but how can we do that?

How do some animals become endangered?

There are many reasons why these animals are becoming endangered but animals like The great white shark are endangered due to the nets ending up in the water, the sharks get tangled and stuck inside these nets and can’t move. But animals like the green turtle are endangered because it gets stuck in the plastic that lay around in the water and also because of predators such as dogs that ruin their habitats. The sea lion also gets stuck in plastic and doesn’t have enough food.

How do animals habitats destruct?

Many habitats are being destructed due to many actions and events; one of these actions is because of the removal of habitats for houses. There is also a frightening amount of litter that ends up in these habitats which eventually destroys these habitats. Sometimes even the wind itself can destroy animal’s habitats, and so can the chemicals that end up in these places

Why are these animals becoming endangered?

Some animals become endangered because of the diseases they catch. They can also become extinct because their natural habitats get destroyed. Fishing, illegal hunting and pollution also decreases the population because there are a lot less animals that can mate. There is also a big food competition so some animals don’t get the amount of food they need.

How can we save these animals?

They are many ways that we can save these animals. We can help them by littering less, which mean fewer animals get trapped in rubbish and less litter ends up in the habitat. Also there is a lot of overfishing and hunting therefore if we decreased the about of times people go fishing and hunting the population wouldn’t be as low. Contributing in clean up Australia can also plays a big part because it means less rubbish will end up in the water which gives the aquatic animals a better and safer environment for them to live in.

It is very important that we try and make a stop to these actions we do and start making a change. The endangered animals are not far away from becoming extinct and we don’t want that to happen. So we need to make sure we help these animals

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